About tsQs

Our vision at tsQs is to embed our expertise and problem-solving experience across the Software delivery life cycle ensuing transformation of Software testing teams to Quality engineering teams and ultimately bring in the ability of the organization to eliminate duplicity in testing, boost automation and re usability at decreased time and costs.

Model Based Testing

Mindset Change

In addition to helping teams with better test case design, it also allows them to change their mindset towards testing...

Test Data Templates

With several decades of expertise in the testing domain, we have an adept team of professionals who are deft in employing...

Automation Enabled Models

We employ Automation-enabled models that help our clients boost efficiency of their teams. Since the automated tests...

Our Expertise

Architectural Solution

Excellent STLC architecture is construed in an organization through the usage of the finest tools, superior processes...

Process Improvement

Our architects and quality engineers work together to define a process using industry best practices with low cost...

Tool Integration

Look no further. Our team at tsQs will be pleased to assist you by imparting the right tools as per your requirement.

Business Model

Quality Transformation

We have a tremendous experience dealing with transformation in organisations that have legacy issues related to usage of tools and processes.

Quality Service

You can be certain that the services you receive from us are of the highest standards. Our workforce consists of professionals who are…

Quality Consulting

We often wonder why companies pay millions of dollars per year as “Consulting fees” to several firms who often provide advisory services.

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