Business Model

Quality Transformation

We have a tremendous experience dealing with transformation in organisations that have legacy issues related to usage of tools and processes.

Our experience dictates that Transformation can happen successfully provided that the following conditions are met:

  • An organisation’s prior setback and adverse experience should serve as a learning tool
  • There should be a thorough insight into the tools and processes that are being used by peers at the industry level
  • This insight will help the organisation to seamlessly transition from legacy software testing to transformed quality engineering

We have an excellent team of professionals who are highly experienced and certified in the following domains. They have several years of experience in the field of transformation and will utilise the lessons learnt over the years to assist your organisation to ensure that you do not have to face the same obstacles all over again.

  • Manual Testing and Automation
  • Data Integrity and Accessibility
  • ETL
  • Applications for the Web and Desktop
  • API and Device Certification
  • PDF and Micro services

In addition to the above, our team of experts will join forces with your existing team to share their insights and expertise in the transformation of the Software testing space in your organisation.

The ultimate advantage you achieve by partnering with us is that our team will enable implementation of new tools, technologies and processes in your organisation without any disruption to your ongoing delivery systems.

Quality Service

You can be certain that the services you receive from us are of the highest standards. Our workforce consists of professionals who are well-trained, experienced and highly qualified in their respective domains.

Hence you will be collaborating with a set of professionals who come with several decades of testing experience and are adept in handling any type of testing projects and challenges that come with them. Their sincerity and dedication towards the task assigned is time-tested and exceptional.

They are proficient in working with script less testing tools with the latest trends in technology such as such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. A few of the tools engaged by them are:

Apart from that, our professional team, who are imparted training and rigorously certified by the finest in the industry in their relevant domains will work with your teams and share their knowledge and expertise. This knowledge sharing exercise will help your team members be independent and ultimately become proficient in strategy, building and execution of your testing process.

As mentioned earlier, we are also pleased to let you know that our team is highly diversified in terms of domain knowledge and skillsets. The following are a few areas (but not restricted to) in which our teams have tremendous expertise and experience.

  • Manual Testing and Automation
  • Data Integrity and Accessibility
  • ETL
  • Applications for the Web and Desktop
  • API
  • Device Certification
  • PDF and Micro Services

Quality Consulting

We often wonder why companies pay millions of dollars per year as “Consulting fees” to several firms who often provide advisory services.

This is because every IT firm, irrespective of its size, is bound to run into problems at one point in their lifetime and have to deal with issues which they may or may not have accounted for. This is despite putting in hundreds of man-hours and millions of dollars in risk mitigation and risk management policies.

Hence, every organisation utilizes the services of a consulting firm to offer guidance and executable solutions which could not have been done by their in-house workforce.

We, at tsQs, provide a suite of IT consultancy services to our clients to ensure that there is no impediment in their productivity at any stage. Our team of change experts collaborate with your present workforce and assess the issues on hand.

After careful deliberations, we offer customized solutions that are practical and executable. We also partake of our knowledge and technical know-how to your teams to enable them run the business autonomously and with conviction.

Our presence in diverse domains across the IT industry indicate our technical prowess and our ability to offer you specific and focused solutions.

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